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Professional Installation available on all applications and on all LED products. I do all the installs myself to make sure you get the full LED experience.

 Now selling at:  

Harter Automotive, Inc. 

 627 E. 4th Ave.

St. John, KS 67576  

FOR ORDERING/INFO:  Text/Call     (620) 377-7152 with your name,

or call NAPA at (620) 549-3325 

(ask for Brian)   


Triplet Drift Trikes:

​Brian's custom Drift Trikes guarantee a smile no longer than 10 seconds after hopping on one! The trikes are based off of the big-wheel tricycles that we all used to slide around on as kids. These trikes, though, have a motor and front and rear disc brakes instead of "pedal-power." Ten inch go-kart tires are capped with thick PVC pipe to reduce traction on pavement and allow for more fun and sliding around, hence the term: "Drift Trike." The frames, made out of 11 gauge structural pipe, are fully welded and custom bent with a pipe bender to your specifications. The frames are then coated with black rubberized undercoating and painted to whatever color you'd like. Brian will build and sell you a stock or custom trike (less the engine) Multiple engine options are available. Prepaid orders can take 4-6 weeks, and LTL (less than truckload) shipping is also available. Freight rates do apply. See the contact page to ask Brian about rates/delivery details. For the story behind the Trikes and how they came to be, see the About page for more details.

Brian's Custom Firepits

My custom firepits are by customer special order only.  You give me a design or idea, and I will take your idea, create a custom design, and make you a firepit for your enjoyment. These spheres are made of 1/4" thick carbon steel and are 37" in diameter. Contact me for more information and we will work out the details. I will tell you up-front how much the cost will be. Prices will vary and will be dependent upon the complexity of your design. Send me an e-mail at and I will be happy to create a firepit unique to you.

(Firepits can be fitted to run on propane and/or natural gas for an extra fee)

Are you in need of better lighting? Do you hate it when lights just aren't bright enough? Tired of spending money on batteries? Triplet Mfg. has just the thing you need! CREE LED light bars and COB LED light strips are now available for every application you can think of! We sell the same industrial quality light bars as KC and Rigid Industries at a far lower price! Applications include: vehicle under-glow, farm equipment, service truck and toolbox lighting, reverse lights, vehicle cab lighting, flashlights, bicycle lighting, and many, many more! We have many working examples at the marketplace and would be happy to show you just how bright they really are!


These LED strips are bright! They are 100% waterproof and have a .02 Amp draw on a battery! 17mm wide. Come in and test them!